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IAVO was formed in the mid 1990’s as the International Association of Virtual Organizations, Inc. This remains the legally registered name, shortened to IAVO for presentation purposes.

The original IAVO was a support association for virtual workers and telecommuters. In the 1990’s, there was wide-held belief that the emergence of the Internet would lead to changes in work habits and employer expectations. People could essentially work from anywhere for anyone. Behind this stance, however, would be a complex set of legal guidelines and performance requirements (e.g., human resources, payroll, insurance and liability, etc.) and infrastructure (e.g., video conferencing, global mobile coverage, etc.). IAVO served as a conduit for much of this discussion. The original membership consisted of thousands of users world-wide, including major corporations (e.g., Boeing and Kodak) and government departments (e.g., DoD). Programs included credentialing, conferences, certification, and original-work on-line journal archives from global contributors.

IAVO continued as a user association until the Internet financial meltdown of mid-2002. Sponsorship eroded as Dot Com fortunes vanished, as did IAVO’s ability to support the evolving virtual world.

After 2002, ownership was transferred to private investors, and IAVO became a private company focused on business capitalization. (The Virtual Advisory Council for IAVO remains active as the primary component of the original International Association of Virtual Organizations, Inc. and operates as a consulting arm of the investment company.)

Today, IAVO is a thriving enterprise with a portfolio of companies in various business lifecycles.

Current portfolio components include:


GeoGenesis announced the release of its free GeoGenesis Lite imagery processing software.

Visit the GeoGenesis website for more information and to download a free copy.


IAVO Research and Scientific announced the release schedule for its FeatureXTract automated 3D modeling software package.

Visit the FeatureXTract website for more information and obtain pricing and reseller information.

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