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The IAVO Business philosophy is simple: understand the legal structure of business within the context of modern capitalism.

It’s a simple philosophy indeed - but easy to forget. Once forgotten, a business can easily become rudderless and eventually die.

Starting a new business? Have one that you think should do better? Our advice: (1) understand the philosophy and (2) follow the philosophy. Everything else can be built from there, but if you don’t have the foundation - which the philosophy establishes – the business will never have firm footing from which to leverage opportunity.

What exactly does our philosophy say, then? Actually, even though it’s a simple statement, the meaning is complex. Broken down into its components, this becomes apparent. First, understand the legal structure of business. By this, we mean the basic structures (e.g., LLC vs. Inc.); the importance of picking the right state in which to incorporate (hint: pick Delaware); keeping control of the company in good times and bad (i.e., ownership); realizing the importance of a good, small board; and be familiar with the tax/accounting and legal guidelines you must work within.

Know this, too: the US was purposefully built for you to challenge yourself and realize business success. Everything from tax law to incentives are in place specifically enabling you to thrive. Not sure you want to do so? Don’t worry. There are lots of places one can find a career in the US and avoid the anxiety of the challenge. If you are brave enough, however, recognize the system is in place and on your side; but you have to understand its legal structure. If you don’t, you’ll be convinced the system is stacked against you. It’s not.

The next part is even more dynamic: modern capitalism. Prices, demands, markets, costs, profits: these are the variables you’ll need. More, these are ones you have to balance and adjust as opportunities present themselves.

Sounds easy! It’s not. It’s hard work; but with that hard work, knowledge and care, good things will come.

Follow the philosophy - and good things will come.



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