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IAVO is not, per se, a services firm. (We occasional advise firms, but that’s not our primary line of work.) We do, however, pursue business purchases when the area of expertise appears to both complement and fit our corporate model. We invite owners who have an interest in selling either part or all of their enterprise to contact us for further discussion (US companies only please).

Our focus is on the following in this regard:

  • Purchasing companies for realignment in the marketplace
  • Purchasing underperforming companies
  • Combining companies via joint acquisition
  • Keeping companies that are attractive and profitable
  • Selling companies to larger entities when opportunities suggest such action is collectively beneficial

Otherwise, we start our own companies via internal programs.

We also welcome visits by entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses. Be aware, though, that such interest means we want to establish an equity position. Depending on the situation, this will either be a minority or majority position.

In all cases, we will insist on exercising non-disclosure agreements.

For more information, please contact us.


GeoGenesis announced the release of its free GeoGenesis Lite imagery processing software.

Visit the GeoGenesis website for more information and to download a free copy.


IAVO Research and Scientific announced the release schedule for its FeatureXTract automated 3D modeling software package.

Visit the FeatureXTract website for more information and obtain pricing and reseller information.

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