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Welcome to IAVO.

We are a privately held for-profit investment company specializing in acquisitions, start-ups, realignment, and market development. We have a rotating portfolio of businesses positioned relative to these specializations, with the intent of pursuing strategic value-added capitalizations. Business decisions in this regard are made on case-by-case bases, with the expectation being that growth will increase systematically and market-share will expand accordingly. The objective is to establish successful companies, with positive cash flows and minimal debt, which are advantageously situated for further growth or possible sale.

Our business philosophy is embedded in a belief that companies are dynamic living entities requiring systematic, constant, and thoughtfully intelligent nurturing and oversight. Likewise, this implies such care must be pursued with a reciprocal balance of risk and reward management, and it is through successfully implementing this intricate stability that all involved – owners and workers – benefit from both short- and long-term perspectives.

Our models and processes are not unique; but they are nonetheless successful. They are, however, followed strictly.

We are not an equity investment firm – nor are we angel investors.

Our current portfolio consists of businesses in a broad range of market domains, including software development and sales, science and technology, geoscience, systems development, education, consulting, and consumables.

Our businesses are actively managed. By that, we are deeply involved with ensuring the strategic plans are sound and closely adhered to.

Similarly, we are always willing to explore new initiatives, and often entertain the idea of purchasing additional businesses when the fit blends well with our holdings. (Please note that any discussions on such matters will require a completed nondisclosure agreement.) We offer an open invitation to interested parties.

For more information please contact us.


GeoGenesis announced the release of its free GeoGenesis Lite imagery processing software.

Visit the GeoGenesis website for more information and to download a free copy.


IAVO Research and Scientific announced the release schedule for its FeatureXTract automated 3D modeling software package.

Visit the FeatureXTract website for more information and obtain pricing and reseller information.

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