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Welcome to IAVO

We are a privately held for-profit company specializing in acquisitions, start-ups, realignment, and market development. We have a rotating portfolio of businesses, with the intent of pursuing strategic value-added capitalizations. Business decisions are made on case-by-case bases, with the expectation being growth will increase systematically and market-share will expand accordingly. Our objective is to establish successful companies, with positive cash flows and minimal debt, and advantageously position them for further growth or possible outside acquisition.

Our business philosophy is embedded in a belief that companies are dynamic entities requiring systematic, constant, and intelligent nurturing and oversight. That implies care must be pursued with a reciprocal balance of risk and reward management, and it is through successfully implementing this intricate stability that all involved - owners and workers - benefit from both short- and long-term perspectives.

Our models and processes are not unique; but they are nonetheless successful. We are not an equity investment firm - nor are we angel investors. Our current portfolio consists of businesses in a range of market domains, including software development and sales, science and technology, geoscience, systems development, education, consulting, real estate, and consumables.

We explore new initiatives, and entertain purchasing/developing additional businesses, when fit blends well with our model.

IAVO was formed in the mid-1990s as the International Association of Virtual Organizations, Inc. That remains the legally registered name, shortened to IAVO for presentation purposes.

The original IAVO was a support association for virtual workers and telecommuters. In the 1990s, there was wide-held belief that the emergence of the Internet would lead to changes in work habits and employer expectations. People could essentially work from anywhere for anyone. Behind that stance, however, would be a complex set of legal guidelines and performance requirements (e.g., human resources, payroll, insurance and liability, etc.) and infrastructure (e.g., video conferencing, global mobile coverage, etc.). IAVO served as a conduit for much of this discussion, and the original membership consisted of thousands of users worldwide, including major corporations (e.g., Boeing and Kodak) and government departments. Programs included credentialing, conferences, certification, and an original on-line journal archive from global contributors.

IAVO continued as a user association until mid-2002, but essentially reduced its scope as sponsorship eroded with the "Dot-Com" debacle.

After 2002, ownership was transferred to private investors, and IAVO became a private company focused on business capitalization.

Today, IAVO is a thriving enterprise with a portfolio of companies and core product lines in various business lifecycles. The current portfolio components include: